My Writing Journey

I wish I could say it has been my lifelong desire to become a writer, that like so many famous authors the itch had followed me since childhood. It hasn’t. In fact, it wasn’t until four years after I’d retired from a 28-year police career that I gave any thought to the idea of writing fiction. That’s when I sat down for the first time and began typing a scene for a story that had been on my heart for years. I was fifty-four.

Still, I wasn’t about to let age get in the way of my embarking upon a new career, especially one I had become so passionate about. I was an ardent student of the Bible and felt the calling of God on my heart to take that learning and use it to further His glory. I was also a big fan of the Old Testament era, a time when God intervened directly, and often dramatically, in the affairs of man. My favorite of these was Noah’s Ark, and I dreamed of telling a story about how the animals rose up to defend it against an invading army.

Thus was the genesis of the idea for my first novel, Army of God. It is an effort to bring to life the characters of Noah’s time in a suspense-filled, action-packed adventure while maintaining full fidelity to the Scriptures.

Incidentally, that scene I wrote six years ago . . . it never made it into the story. But I doubt you’ll notice the difference.