Hijacking Halloween – How The Left Skews Our Most Diverse Holiday

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In a little more than a week, millions of children across the country will don costumes and take to the streets in one of the largest and most peaceful demonstrations of organized door-to-door soliciting known to man. And they will have the time of their lives doing it. Unfortunately, some of them will fall under attack from the left.

Just as they have managed to do with several other American holidays, from banning Nativity scenes and even the word “Christmas,” to the branding of Christopher Columbus as a pariah, the politically correct left has now set its sights on Halloween. Somehow they believe they can claim the moral high ground by banning any costume someone might find offensive on so-called cultural grounds. Apparently, it is now sacrilege to dress up in any garb that is not native to your own race. What Not to Wear used to be a popular cable television fashion show, now it serves as the left’s slogan against wearing anything that might offend.

But what the left fails to realize is that Halloween is perhaps the most diverse, equality-oriented holiday of all. As a boy who grew up in foster care, I speak from experience. For me, Halloween was always my favorite, even more than Christmas. Growing up in that environment, I was lucky to receive more than a single gift under the tree. Halloween, on the other hand, was the great equalizer. Anyone, and I mean anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, or religion, can put on a costume and enjoy the benefits of trick or treating.

Rich or poor, black or white, beneath the disguise of a costume or cleverly applied make-up, all trick or treaters are treated equally. Class distinctions disappear beneath the costume and both prince and pauper share equally the fruits of their hard earned labors. The playing field is completely level. At the end of a night of trick or treating, my bag was as full as any of the more affluent kids I shared the streets with (even fuller on those occasions when I would come home, dump my bag of candy in a drawer, change costumes, and go out a second time).

So instead of trying to destroy Halloween, maybe the left should start embracing it. No other holiday provides as much of an equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy its benefits.



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